"A testament to Mary's work could come from anyone. However, I believe that anyone that races actually puts what she does to test, very hard. If we're out by a cm, or mm; you could have some major discomfort which could create an injury without knowing it while putting on 1000's of km's, and hours on the bike.

For me, it started on October 14th, 2006, my IT Band acted up on a recovery ride into work.  I had not had any problems, ever, before.   Right away I knew something was wrong. I proceeded to get it checked out by a Sports Medicine Doctor. I got a referral from him, to see Mary Paterson. We had to figure out why this IT Band friction syndrome acted up (in the end, it acted due to a training crash, testing tires.)

I made my appointment with Mary, and she asked me to bring both my Cyclo-cross bike (which was the bike that was aggravating me), and my road bike.   Since it was a very long season of racing, I thought it might be a problem, maybe, of bike fit. We went through the assessment with the bikes, the shoes, body composition, and measurements of my arms, torso, figure out body geometry. We applied that to both bikes.  We made a change to my road shoe cleats, and we made a change to my CX bike. We spent a lot of time with the video assessment, and other.

I can say that 100%, Mary has helped me get back on track.   the CX bike fit is perfect.  2 weeks after we adjusted everything, my IT Band friction problem was healed, and I was headed for Ontario Cx provincials. Confident in the bike set-up, the rest was up to me. I got 3rd at the provincials and was happy, after being injured for a month.Going through the different preventative measures, the outcome was positive.

If you have never had a bike fit done before, I highly recommend that you see Mary. For your Cyclo-cross bike, or your other bikes, her knowledge and experience will certainly ensure that you optimize your power output on the bike. Best of luck with the rest!"

Thanks Mary.


Warren MacDonald


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