A bike fit is a process that will adapt your existing bike to fit your body. No two riders have the same body. Your body is unique in it's measurements, flexibility and strength. Your bike fit is specially designed to fit you.

A bike fit is a 3-4 hour uninterrupted one-on-one process

  • An extensive Interview to establish a cyclist's profile and goals and to determine a history of past and present injuries or complaints
  • Physical Examination of flexibility, range of movement and posture. Any biomechanical issues that may affect bike set-up will be examined
  • Video Analysis of riding posture and alignment using Dartfish software.  This provides a dynamic analysis of the cyclist in motion.
  • Posture and Pedal Stroke analysis 
  • Adjustments are made to the bike to optimize position
  • Post fit Measurements of bike position to help transfer to another bike
  • Recommendations for new parts if needed
  • Bikefit Summary  which includes a summary of changes and recommendations

The FINAL FIT ensures that your body is in the best position to maximize comfort and power and remain injury free.

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