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"I am a competitive mountain biker who spends a lot of time training on a road bike. Last winter I began training for my first 24 hour solo mountain bike event on my trainer at home. I was putting in longer hours than I normally had in the past when I started experiencing pain in my left knee. I was recommended to see Mary about getting a proper bike fit done, something I had never thought of before. I am an experience cyclist and I thought I knew it all. After a thorough interview, an examination of my flexibility, range of motion and posture, Mary was very meticulous in making small adjustments to the bike while observing my riding position. Not only did she help correct my posture, she also gave me instruction on proper riding position.

The real test of whether the bike fit helped or not came in March when I was able to get on my road bike and do some long hours in the saddle. I was surprised to find that I had absolutely no more pain in my knee. What surprised me more was how my overall body was much more comfortable on the bike – my hands were not becoming numb and my neck and back were not tense and sore after a 5 - 6 hour ride. I really appreciated Mary following up the assessment with me to see how things were going.

I have no apprehension at all in recommending Mary to others. In fact, many of my riding friends have gone to Mary and have had the same positive experience that I had. Cheers Mary!"

Craig Barlow, Competitive Mountain Biker and Road Cyclist

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